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Shot blasting machine guard plate material and price and the scope of application of the road shot blasting machine
Feb 08, 2018

1. Shot blasting machine and the traditional pickling, which one is better?

   Shot blasting machine, compared with the traditional pickling treatment, then shot blasting machine is much better, because the use of shot blasting machine, you can achieve high efficiency and environmental protection, but also have good handling capacity and cleaning effect. The traditional pickling, if not handled properly, then, it will cause environmental pollution. Therefore, we will have the above conclusion.

   2 shot blasting machine guard, what is the material? The price, is how much?

   Shotblast machine guard, the material used, is a wear-resistant castings, rather than other materials. And its price is affected by many factors, so there is no clear uniform price. Want to know the specific price, then, it should be for specific objects, to consult its manufacturer, so as to get the exact price.

   3. Road shot blasting machine, whether it can only be used in highway construction?

   Pavement shot blasting machine, which can not only be used in highway construction, but also can be used in other areas, such as steel surface preservatives, tunnel maintenance and maintenance of the airport went to such aspects, but also play an important role. Therefore, on this issue, it is obvious that the answer is no.



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