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Acid-free rust removal and scale removal
Sep 10, 2018

Steel with severe rust corrosion

After removing the rust and removing the scale, the pickling process is used to corrode the metal surface by strong acid, which removes the surface rust and has a strong influence on the metal material.

With the tightening of domestic environmental protection policies, pickling has gradually been banned, and its serious environmental pollution has far-reaching effects. It has been difficult to remove local water, soil and air pollution for several generations. At present, many regions in China, especially in the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan region, completely banned acid. Washing process, the company's raw materials rust removal to find a new process, the shot blasting process was initially recognized by the market.

Descaling effect of acid-free shot blasting on the surface of rebar

Qingdao Huashengtai is responsible for the rust removal and descaling of steel wire rods in the market. The various wire shot blasting machines produced by the company perfectly replace the pickling process, which can meet the wiring production of enterprises.

The shot blasting process can not only effectively remove scale derusting, but also further strengthen the material. Shot peening is widely used in national defense, metallurgy and foundry industries, and is well received by users.

The surface of the workpiece after shot blasting presents a certain rough surface, which can improve the surface adhesion of spray paint and spray, improve the coating effect and improve the service life.

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