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Advantages and construction of Tumble belt blast machines
Oct 10, 2018

The Tumble belt blast machines is suitable for sand cleaning, descaling, descaling and surface strengthening of castings and forgings of less than 15 kg in each row during the operation.

Advantages of the Tumble belt blast machines

1. The Tumble belt blast machines is popular in the form of a pitless pit to a certain extent, thus saving the construction cost of the pit foundation.

2. The arrangement of the shot blasting chamber and the blasting machine are determined by computer three-dimensional dynamic projection simulation, so that the covered area of the thrown projectile accurately covers the surface of the workpiece, and the projectile is simultaneously thrown toward the workpiece from all directions of the workpiece. .

3. The Tumble belt blast machines is mainly a cantilever centrifugal blasting machine with high throwing speed, which can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality during operation.

4. The machine design is novel, compact, easy to use and maintain.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/

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