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Advantages and processing technology of tumble belt type sand blasting machine
Sep 27, 2018

The tumble belt type sand blasting machine is also called a basket type sand blasting machine. In the course of operation, the working principle is that the drum is built into a drum that can be automatically rotated and scrolled, and the blasting gun is fixedly positioned to spray sand in the drum.


The biggest characteristic of the drum type blasting machine is that it has a timed stop, automatic blasting, calling and other functions during operation. Two sets of spray guns can be installed, which can be single-action or linkage type, and the workpiece is easy to pick and place. The sand blasting machine can also manually blast the sand according to the work requirements. After removing the drum (rolling basket), the modified operating platform is modified, which is a standard closed manual blasting machine, so that the scope of application is more extensive.


The tumble belt type sand blasting machine is suitable for a certain amount of simultaneous small-component sandblasting, such as bakelite removal or matte processing of bakelite, plastic products, small metal parts of screws, aluminum, copper, and sand-cutting products.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/

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