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Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine and the medium propagation
Nov 07, 2017

When the ultrasonic cleaning machine is operating , the ultrasonic wave propagated in the liquid, so that it will make the liquid and the cleaning tank in the ultrasonic frequency vibration process, the liquid and the cleaning tank vibration ultrasonic cleaning machine will be in their specified frequencies, the vibration frequency is sound waves frequency.
Ultrasonic cleaning machine work in the process of the main principle is that high frequency oscillation signals emitted by the ultrasonic generator, and the equipment is the main transmission medium through the transducer converts high-frequency mechanical vibration, cleaning solvent, ultrasonic density in the cleaning solution and the forward radiation, tiny bubbles make the fluid flow generated tens of thousands of diameter of 50-500 m the tiny bubbles present in the liquid under the action of vibration in the field.


Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine negative pressure zone in ultrasonic longitudinal propagation of bubble formation and growth of equipment in the area of positive pressure, when the sound tooth reaches a certain value, then the bubbles will increase rapidly, and then suddenly closed, and will produce shock wave when the bubble is closed, generate thousands of atmospheric pressure in the surrounding, damage the insoluble dirt and scatter them in the cleaning liquid, when the group was wrapped in oil particles and adhesion in surface cleaning, oil emulsion, solid particles and detachment, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying cleaning parts.
Ultrasonic cleaning machine has many advantages in the use of the equipment, the cleaning effect is good and the operation is simple, the frequency in general people will hear the sound of the acoustic signals 20-20000Hz, acoustic wave is higher than that of 20000Hz called ultrasonic transfer, in accordance with the sine curve of the longitudinal acoustic wave propagation, resulting in a large number of small bubbles.
The working frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is very low will produce noise, when the frequency is lower than 20kHz, noise not only become large, and may exceed the prescribed safety noise occupation safety and health law or other regulations limit. In the application of high power removal of dirt without considering the surface damage of the workpiece, the lower cleaning frequency is usually chosen from 20kHz to 30kHz. The frequency of cleaning in this frequency range is often used to clean large, heavy or high-density materials.

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