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Applicable conditions and instructions for use of Turntable Shot Blast Machine
Oct 24, 2018

Turntable shot blasting machines are often used in the foundry industry. In order to fully utilize their functions and functions, it is necessary to understand the working conditions for their adaptation during daily use. In general, the working conditions of the Turntable Shot Blast Machine must meet several basic requirements: working surface unevenness, ambient temperature, humidity, relative humidity and altitude.


For the user, we can use the Turntable Shot Blast Machine to realize the surface cleaning of various medium and small castings, forgings, flat thin wall and collision parts, and also can be used to surface some gears, aluminum alloys and leaf springs. Strengthen processing. The machine is easy to use, low in installation cost, low in maintenance and large in shot blasting.


In the actual operation process, the workpiece to be processed needs to be placed first, and then the turntable of the Turntable Shot Blast Machine is slowly rotated under the motor drive to slowly move into the projectile cleaning area with the workpiece, and then placed above and to the side of the shot blasting area. The blasting machine simultaneously performs shot blasting on the workpiece. The impeller rotating at high speed in the blasting machine uniformly throws the steel shot onto the surface of the workpiece to remove the rust layer and scale.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/

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