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Application industry and quality judgment of Crawler type shot blasting machine
Nov 20, 2018

Track-type shot blasting machines should be widely used in many industries. For example, in the mold industry, there are many places where molds can be used in life, and most molds have high requirements for themselves, and shapes are different according to different needs. Style. Among them, polishing is a part of the mold in the process of building. The track-type shot blasting machine will be used for the polishing of the mold without damaging the original shape and performance of the mold.


There is also the forging industry, many of the forged factories need to be polished and polished, and the track-type shot blasting machine is the professional machinery used in this area. Through a certain principle, the gloss of the object can be made into a standard in a short period of time, which is also very demanding for the polishing step, and the selection of the crawler type shot blasting machine is not only simple but also safe.


The quality of the crawler shot blasting machine depends on the quality of the glue. The crawler type shot blasting machine consists of three parts. The outside is covered with glue and directly contacts the workpiece to be cleaned. Therefore, the wear is severe and bears a great destructive force and impact force. The life of the upper cover rubber is almost the life of the crawler belt.


The rubber is also exposed to the outside rubber, the quality can be seen and touched, the good rubber is elastic, the rubber is made by the mold in order to let the gas in the cavity discharge, the mold has exhaust holes The exhaust line will be left on the rubber, and the rubber will be felt by pulling the exhaust line by hand. As for the spot on the surface of the track, the rubber stain that has been applied to the mold for a long time does not affect the quality.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/


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