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Application of road shot blasting machine
Sep 06, 2018

1. It is used to improve the roughness and friction coefficient of asphalt pavement, thereby improving the adhesion of pavement and ensuring the safety of driving. At the same time, the attachment of asphalt pavement (such as fuel oil, engine oil, etc.) has nowhere to escape, thus improving the anti-sliding performance of the pavement.

2. Steel bridge deck anti-corrosion coating. In China, the application of shot blasting technology in anti-corrosion coating of steel bridges can not be denied. Most bridges under construction and construction will choose to use the shot blasting process to clean and roughen the surface before the anti-corrosion primer or other spraying. The shot blasting machine used in the Qingdao Cross-Bay Bridge and the shot blasting process to treat the steel bridge The surface can meet the SA2.5/SA3 steel plate cleanliness requirements, and can control the roughness, meet the user's coating requirements, the whole process is dust-free operation, easy to move, environmentally friendly and convenient.

3. Maintenance of the tunnel. In China, due to the waterproof and material resistance to fire and oil, the concrete pavement in the tunnel is generally made of cement concrete, but this also puts high requirements on the anti-sliding performance of the long tunnel pavement. For the above two problems that are still difficult to solve in China, the shot blasting process is a treatment method with simple construction, small equipment investment, remarkable effect and environmental protection. In the concrete bridge deck waterproof paving, the shot blasting process has been the requirement of European and American national process specifications, and it is gradually being accepted in China. Both of them use the shot blasting process to maintain the concrete pavement.

4. Preventive maintenance of airport runways. The use of pavement blasting machines makes it easy to remove the traces and markings on concrete and asphalt runways. In addition to the fetal track (except rubber), removing the marking, restoring and increasing the surface roughness of the airport runway, and improving the friction coefficient of the runway are all the processing scope of the road shot blasting machine. And in the process of processing, more than enough, the road shot blasting work is more orderly.

5. Municipal roads and paved roads. All kinds of road pavements in the city can be cleaned by shot blasting machine to remove the marking marks of the road surface. For the traffic intersection, the road surface can be roughened to improve the roughness and friction coefficient of the road surface. Reduce problems in road construction. Therefore, the auxiliary role of the road shot blasting machine for urban construction is gradually standardizing and facilitating our life.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/

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