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Application of shot blasting machine
May 22, 2017

The blasting machine is used for the removal of sand and oxidized skin such as casting and forging parts. The main use of high-speed rotating impeller to throw the ball sand to the surface of high-speed hit parts, to meet the requirements of surface treatment, sand speed generally in 50.

With the formal introduction of new specifications for international ballast compartment coatings, the requirements and standards of board coatings are clearly incorporated into the classification conditions. The Anti-Corrosion performance and service life of the board coating are more demanding to ensure the safety of the hull structure.

New shipbuilding coating and coating construction quality control There is a more rigorous and clear guide, so the blasting machine in the treatment of steel plate strength Shanghai to solve some technical problems, this involves the speed of shot blasting, quality and other technical details, the need for engineers involved in a more reasonable structure of shot blasting machine, in order to meet the development needs, engineers in the continuous reform of the construction of shot blasting machine, to the maximum extent suitable for each industry effective use of shot blasting machine.

The roller pass-type shot blasting machine plays a very important role in the shipbuilding, high speed railway construction and chemical machinery, which is attached to the plane roller road, and the running speed is stepless variable frequency speed regulation, bearing 1000Kg per metre.

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