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Arrangement and photoelectric detection of structural steel shot blasting machine
Mar 03, 2018

Structural steel shot blasting machine in the running process of the blast chamber and blasting machine layout can through computer simulation of 3D dynamic projection to determine the effective, direct cantilever centrifugal impeller structure steel shot blasting machine effectively in some extent by the QX30DS high speed projectile

Structural steel shot blasting machine blasting chamber with 8mm thick steel plate welded box type structure, in the use of high strength and no vibration, its internal equipment is the use of the steel plate door, guard the equipment using spigot connection, can effectively prolong the service life of the chamber body, and to make full use of the projectile rebound to form the second time cleanup.

To some extent, the structural steel shot blasting machine reduces the friction of bottom hoppers in the course of pellet falling. To some extent, it contains buffer angle steel on the hopper. When it is used, there is a retaining plate at both ends of the roller table to prevent deviation during the running of the workpiece.


The structural steel shot blasting machine in certain extent, determine the number of shot blasting devices to a certain extent based on the size of the workpiece, so that it can reduce unnecessary energy waste to a certain extent, and at the same time, reduce unnecessary breaking of equipment.


The pellet supply system of the structural steel shot blasting machine adopts a special air control valve and the photoelectric detection of the workpiece, and it can effectively prevent the projectile from empty throwing when it is used.


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