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Belt Shot Blasting Machine Features
Jul 02, 2018

Belt Shot Blasting Machine are shot blasting machines that use a high-strength, wear-resistant rubber track or manganese steel track to load work pieces to perform shot blasting. It uses a high-speed rotating impeller for cleaning purposes. It can perform operations such as sand cleaning, rust removal, oxide scale removal, and surface hardening on small castings, forgings, stampings, gears, and springs. In addition, it can also be used for the cleaning and strengthening of parts that are not afraid of collision.


1. Characteristics of crawler shot blasting machine

(1) The cantilever centrifugal blasting device is used on the shot blasting machine, which can effectively prolong the service life of the device. In addition, this kind of shot blasting machine has a simple structure and is easy to operate and use. There are many options for the ejection speed.

(2) The belt of the track-type shot blasting machine adopts a quick-change structure, which can improve the working efficiency of the shot blasting machine and reduce its labor intensity.

(3) Bag filter is adopted, and its dust emission concentration is lower than the national standard, which can improve workers' working environment.

(4) It can be used as a stand-alone unit, but it can also be used as a wiring and can be selected according to the requirements. If there are special requirements for use, special agencies may also be added.


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