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Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine design requirements and gantry structure
Jun 28, 2018

The Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine has advanced design, reliable operation and reasonable structure. The product has high production efficiency, and the Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine has, to a certain degree, the help of PLC electrical control, the control of the projectile gate and the delivery of projectiles. To achieve automatic control of the entire machine, which has high productivity, reliability and advanced degree of automation.

During the process of making the Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine, the shot blasting chamber body is made of steel and welded by a steel plate to form a box structure. When it is operated, its strength is high without vibration, and its equipment shot blasting chamber hot zone protection The board adopts ZGMn13 guard plate, which greatly improves the performance of wear-resisting and bullet-proof pellets. The service life can reach over 17,000 hours.

The dust removal system of the Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine mainly adopts the current advanced pulse type counter-blow dust remover. It fully meets the requirements of modern environmental dust removal to a certain extent, and has the highest domestic market retention rate, large shot blasting volume, and high shot rate. The speed of the Q034z15 cantilever centrifugal blaster can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and labor productivity, and ensure the cleaning effect. The symmetrical arrangement of the ejection belt enables the workpiece to be impacted by a softer projectile, which not only achieves the desired cleaning effect, but also ensures that the workpiece does not deform. One throw and second bounce projectiles to improve the projectile utilization, so that the projectile coverage is uniform.

The gantry structure is used for the workpiece carrier of the Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine, so that the workpiece can be effectively and continuously conveyed under a catenary suspension to a certain extent to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the workpiece cleaning requirements and operation safety. Separators use full-curtain curtain separators for good separation. The separation efficiency of pellets, slag and dust reaches 99%.


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