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Catenary type shot blasting machine installation order and installation requirements
Jan 17, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the catenary shot blasting machine has been shipped in accordance with the conditions of assembly as much as possible into a number of functional components to facilitate the installation and use of equipment. Catenary shot blasting machine machine installation order is basically clean room room, screw conveyor, hoist under the hood, hook rotation device, catenary conveyor system, platform railings, separators, for the pill device, the elevator Cover and so on.


In the Catenary type shot blasting machine installation, should first check the foundation of the foundation map of the construction, should be based on the zero plane, testing whether each installation location meets the requirements of the drawings and make records. At the same time, the construction personnel should draw the location line of the equipment on the ground according to the basic drawing with ink lines for reference when installing the equipment.


When the hanging chain shot blasting machine shipped to the installation site, it should be placed on a relatively flat ground, it should be noted that all parts of the equipment can not be placed in the open to prevent the machine rust and damage to electrical components; and lifting Parts must be light.


Due to the large profile of the catenary shot blasting machine, enough space should be left after installation so that the equipment can be handled and the workpiece can be loaded and unloaded. At the same time, for safety reasons, the equipment console should be staggered away from the chamber body and the shot blasting machine .


Shot peening chamber as a catenary shot blasting machine, should be firmly welded in the foundation embedded in the border to prevent vibration. When installing, the welding seam adopts the continuous welding, and the height of the welding seam is the thickness of the adjacent thin pieces; the parts after the installation should rotate flexibly without the phenomena of jamming and sharp friction sound.


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