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Cause of oil leakage in shot blasting machine
May 22, 2017

What about the oil spill? For the use of shot blasting machine, there is often a phenomenon of oil leakage. For example: Shot blasting machine engine rotary shaft oil leakage, shot blasting machine engine switch oil leakage, such as a series of oil spills. So what should we do with the sudden oil spill? First of all, let's talk about the solution to the oil spill of the rotary shaft of the shot-blasting machine engine, which includes the clutch handle shaft of the starter's variable lever shaft and the pressure reducing shaft of the shot machine engine.

Reasons and measures: if the shaft and the hole wear each other, the starter can be variable-speed bar shaft and clutch handle shaft on the lathe to cut the sealing ring groove, fitted with the corresponding size of the sealing aprons can be. If the vacuum shaft rubber ring aging failure, should replace the new rubber ring. How to deal with the leakage of the engine switch of shot blasting machine, including water valve, oil tank switch and petrol switch If the ball valve wear or rust, should clear the ball valve and seat hole between the rust, and select the appropriate steel ball substitution. If the sealing filler and the fastening thread of the shot blasting machine are damaged, the fasteners should be repaired or replaced and the sealing filler replaced. If the cone joint is not tight, can be used fine valve sand and oil grinding.

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