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Classification and application of hanging chain shot blasting machine
Aug 01, 2018

The sling type shot blasting machine includes different structure types, mainly single stroke, double stroke, step type and continuous type. Hanging chain shot blasting machine is an ideal choice for the current automotive, tractor, diesel, motor, valve and other industries. Casting non-standard types can be customized according to user requirements, which saves costs and reduces resource waste.


Among them, the double-stroke chain-type shot blasting machine has powerful functions and is widely used. It has functions such as static loading and unloading of workpieces, automatic fast conveying and positioning, and workpiece rotating shot blasting. The whole machine is controlled by conventional electrical appliances, and the conveying track of the workpiece is steplessly variable. Suitable for high-volume, cast steel, cast iron, and welded parts for all-round shot blasting, for all types of hangable workpieces.


After the cleaning of the double-stroke chain blasting machine, it not only effectively removes the corrosion of the surface of the workpiece and the welding slag on the structural parts, but also eliminates the welding stress of the workpiece, improves the fatigue strength of the workpiece, and increases the painting time of the workpiece. The adhesion of the paint film and ultimately to the purpose of improving the surface and intrinsic quality of the entire workpiece.

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