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Classification and use of Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine
Feb 03, 2018

The Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine is generally used to treat large quantities of workpiece by shot blasting. Because of the different structure forms, it can be divided into continuous passage, ordinary hanging chain step through, and accumulating chain type. The working principle of suspension type shot blasting machine is workpiece with chain of continuous operation, step operation or the push type workpiece conveying suspension chain product advanced.

When the workpiece is processed by the catenary type shot blasting machine, the loading and unloading process and the shot blasting process can be carried out at a fixed point, because it can make the workpiece to be processed in the loading and unloading area and the shot blasting area at the stop state respectively. According to the different workpiece, it can lift 50 to 2000kg workpiece at a single point, and has high production efficiency, stable and reliable operation. It is very suitable for large scale cleaning of all kinds of easy hanging parts.

For example, during the actual production process, the catenary shot blasting machine has excellent cleaning effect for cylinder block, cylinder head, motor shell, gear, motorcycle engine shell, locomotive coupler yoke assembly, bogie assembly, hardware tool shell, water pump and so on. Therefore, it is often considered as the ideal choice for automobiles, tractors, diesel engines, motors, valves and other industries.

In general, we can see the hanging chain shot blasting machine as a single stroke device that can carry out continuous shot blasting. The equipment usually has the function of static loading and unloading of the workpiece, automatic fast transportation and positioning, and the cleaning function of workpiece rotating and Throwing Shot. In the process of operation, the equipment is controlled by conventional electrical apparatus, and the transmission track of the workpiece is stepless speed regulation.

Combined with the analysis of the characteristics of the catenary shot blasting machine, the device is able to meet the requirements of mass blasting and cleaning for cast steel, cast iron and welding parts in large quantities, and can be used for various forms of hanging workpieces. Through the shot blasting cleaning of the catenary shot blasting machine, it not only removes the rust and welding slag on the surface of the workpiece, but also eliminates the welding stress and improves the fatigue strength of the workpiece.


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