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Cleaning effect of steel pipe inner wall blasting machine for small caliber steel pipe
Mar 28, 2018

The ball throwing machine inside the inner wall of the steel pipe is mainly to realize the shot blasting treatment of the steel tube and the inside and outside surface of similar products. The device can effectively remove the oxide layer and welding slag and other debris on the surface of steel pipe and similar products, and make them show the original metallic luster, so as to facilitate the painting and coating of the workpiece. Users can choose different sizes of steel tube inner wall shot blasting machine according to the diameter of the steel pipe.

So, in practical application, what kind of cleaning effect will be achieved for the small diameter steel pipe by the shot blasting machine of the inner wall of the steel tube? For example, we are in the process to deal with the diameter of 600 mm below the small pipe, the device can automatically remove surface shot blasting rust, with high-speed efficient shot blasting machine throws the beam pipe break on the inner surface of the oxide skin, rust layer and debris, in order to obtain a fine bright surface.

After comparison, it is known that after treatment, the tensile and compressive strength of the workpiece can be significantly improved, and the adhesion force can be increased for the paint protection of the inner surface, so as to achieve the purpose of corrosion protection, pipe protection and prolonging the service life of the steel pipe. And after the cleaning of the steel pipe lining machine, the roughness and roughness of the surface of the workpiece conforms to the relevant standards. At the same time, it can also improve the surface quality and anticorrosion effect.

It can be seen that the shot blasting machine of the steel tube inner wall has excellent cleaning performance, which can not only achieve better cleaning effect, but also minimize the cost of production, and greatly increase output. In the process of processing, the abrasive can be ejected in a controllable way and direction, and the pellets are circulated. The size of the sealing ring can be adjusted to suit the pipes of different diameters, and the replacement is simple.

Unlike other surface cleaning and preprocessing methods, the shot blasting machine inside the inner wall of the steel tube will not pollute the environment during the process of treatment. And the inner wall of steel tube blasting machine has the advantages of simple installation, low cost, small occupied space, without a pit or other discharge pipeline.


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