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Cleaning of Internal Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine
Jul 12, 2018

The Internal Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine is mainly cleaned by shot peening and shot blasting to a certain extent. To a certain extent, it can remove the scale or rust of the inner and outer surfaces of the workpiece, and can also clean the oil and other impurities on the workpiece during operation. It can also eliminate the stress of the workpiece, improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece, achieve the specified roughness and hardness, and finally achieve the purpose of improving the surface and internal quality of the whole workpiece. The machine is especially suitable for oil pipeline anti-corrosion engineering.


The Internal Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine effectively adopts its electromagnetic speed regulation, and it is fed and sent at high speed during operation, so that the complete shot peening of the workpiece can be effectively ensured. The whole equipment is mainly designed with shallow pits, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. .


The centrifugal shot blasting machine with large shot blasting and high throwing speed significantly improves the cleaning efficiency and can obtain satisfactory cleaning quality. A pelletizing hopper and a screw conveyor are provided to collect the projectiles that are carried out and scattered by the workpiece. A shot blasting time accumulating function is available to guide the replacement of wear parts such as blasting machine blades.


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