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Common Fault Analysis of Hook Shot Blasting Machine
Feb 09, 2018
First, the shot blasting machine has an unusual ring

1, projectile does not meet the requirements, resulting in the phenomenon of card sand, replace the projectile.

2, pellets have large particles of material, timely removal.

3, shot blasting guard loose, and impeller and blade friction, adjust the guard.

4, shot blasting disc combination plate loose, tighten the bolt.

Second, shot blasting shot blasting volume uneven

1, adjust the opening for each pill gate.

2, adjust the separator off the sand regulation board gap, so that the flow screen uniform.

Third, shot blasting vibration larger failure

1, serious blade wear and tear, unbalanced operation, replace the leaves.

2, serious impeller wear, replace the impeller.

3, bearing burn, replace and add grease.

4, shot blasting machine bolts loose, tighten the bolts.

Fourth, the dust collector is inefficient

1, Dust fan wiring error, fan reversal, re-wiring.

2, dust bag within the bundle is not old, damaged or missing bags, replacement bags.

3, dust collector connection pipe seal is not good.

Dust plug the bag, timely clean up the bag of dust.


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