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Correct selection of steel shot blasting machine
Aug 14, 2018

The steel plate shot blasting machine is a steel plate processing equipment, which transports the steel plate into the blasting chamber and throws the steel shot to the surface of the steel plate through the blasting machine to remove the stain on the surface of the steel plate, and oxidize the skin to obtain a smooth surface with a certain roughness and improve the paint. The adhesion of the film to the surface of the steel and the improvement of the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the steel improve the intrinsic quality of the steel and thus extend its service life.


Most of the steel shot blasting machines choose steel shots. The use of steel shots with different particle sizes is different. The hardness of the suitable steel shots has good resilience, so that the steel shots can be thrown into the chamber of the through shot blasting machine. One part, thus reducing the cleaning time.


If the hardness of the projectile of the steel shot blasting machine is too low, it will be easily deformed and broken during the shot blasting process, thus consuming energy and affecting the cleaning effect; if the hardness of the projectile is too high, it is brittle and brittle, forming hard and sharp pieces, blades Fast wear and high energy consumption also affect the cleaning effect.


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