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Cylinder shot blasting machines driving device and use advantages
Apr 10, 2018

In the process of operation, the Cylinder shot blasting machine mainly utilizes its high-speed rotary impeller to effectively throw its projectile into the workpiece in the drum which is continuously turned over, so that the purpose of cleaning the workpiece can be achieved to some extent, to a certain extent. It belongs to the scope of casting machinery.

Cylinder shot blasting machine can be applied to clean up a variety of castings that are not afraid of collisions, forgings, and scratches to a certain extent. It is an ideal equipment for small-scale heat treatment workshops to clean the residual sand and oxide scale on the workpiece surface. Separator, thrower, hoist, gear motor and other components.

Drum type shot blasting machine driving device

Roller drive of Cylinder shot blasting machine can effectively use its flexible glue drive to a certain extent. During operation, it mainly depends on the planetary reducer transmission to obtain the required rotation speed, drive the cleaned workpiece on the roller table, and drive the sprocket. By chain dragging, it travels continuously along the track.

The input and output roller shafts of the Cylinder shot blasting machine are all made of high-quality carbon steel seamless steel tubes and quenched and tempered shaft heads. Dimensions and Installation Dimensions Post-weld machining, which guarantees a load-carrying load of 1 T/m, guarantees coaxiality.


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