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Daily operation and operation requirements of industrial shot blasting machines
Apr 08, 2018

The industrial shot blasting machine should strictly perform the job training for the staff in the process of operation and be familiar with the performance and characteristics of the machine. To a certain degree, they are familiar with the operation procedures, use, maintenance and maintenance of their shot blasting machine manuals.

To a certain extent, the operators of industrial shot blasting machines must check their control cabinets. Whether the various switches in their equipment are in the desired setting position and then they can be turned on, so that they can effectively prevent misoperations to some extent. Damage to electrical and mechanical equipment and equipment accidents.

When the industrial shot blasting machine is in operation, its non-individual operation shall not operate arbitrarily or touch the control area of the electrical switch, and shall not approach the working area of the machine to avoid accidents. Operators must wear protective work clothes, glasses, etc.

The operator of the industrial shot blasting machine needs to pay special attention to the indications of the various types of panels of the panel when it is turned on. When the indications of all the gauges reach the normal values, the small crane can be operated into the working procedure. If it is found that there is a large error in the indication of the individual instrument (abnormal), immediately shut down. Check the device troubleshooting before it can boot normally.

Industrial shot blasting machine operation, this will require the operator to have to inspect the equipment to check whether there is abnormal noise and overheating of various parts. If there is a serious fault in the equipment found during the operation, press the “emergency stop” button to stop the repair. Professionals troubleshoot equipment.


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