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Debugging steps and operation procedures of the tumbling rubber belt shot blasting machine
Nov 23, 2018

Before the test, the tumbling rubber belt shot blasting machine must be familiar with the relevant regulations in the instruction manual, and have a comprehensive understanding of the structure and performance of the equipment. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether the fasteners are loose and the lubrication of the machine. Whether it meets the requirements.


The tumbling rubber belt shot blasting machine requires correct assembly, and the single-action test should be carried out for each component and motor before starting. The direction of rotation of each motor should be correct, and the belt of the hoist should be tight and not deflected. The no-load current of each motor, the temperature rise of the bearing, the speed reducer, and the shot blasting amount should be checked. If the problem is found, the cause should be identified and adjusted.


When the tumbling rubber belt shot blasting machine is working, the workpiece is first loaded into the cleaning chamber. After the door is closed, the machine is started, and the cleaned workpiece is driven by the rubber crawler to continuously and evenly flip in the chamber body. At the same time, the projectiles thrown at high speed by the blasting machine form a fan-shaped elastic beam, which is evenly hit on the surface of the workpiece, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning.


After the projectile sand is thrown out, it is evenly distributed through the rubber track, flows into the screw conveyor under the screen at the bottom of the cleaning room, is sent into the hoist, and is lifted by the hoist to the sand separator for separation. The principle is to form the curtain and the sand into a curtain, let the atmosphere penetrate the curtain, and the sand falls into the separation waste bin. The waste sand pipe flows into the waste cylinder, and the dust is sucked into the bag filter by the fan to be filtered by the bag. The clean air is discharged into the atmosphere, and the dust on the bag is periodically cleaned by the mechanical rapping into the dust box at the lower part of the dust removal, and the separated projectile is periodically cleaned. The set pill bin that falls into the separator flows through the flow pill to the gate and enters the blasting machine, and the tumbling rubber belt shot blasting machine resumes working.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/

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