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Detailed characteristics of roller H-type shot blasting machine
May 25, 2018

There are many H-beam shot blasting machines on the market that belong to the roller-type shot blasting machine. This type of shot blasting machine is mainly used in construction, bridges and other industries. With this H-shaped steel shot blasting machine, stress relief and surface rust removal can be performed on large-sized steel structural parts such as large-sized I-shaped steels and H-shaped steels.


In fact, in the process of pretreatment of steel plates and profiles, the entire pretreatment line is mainly composed of preheating, shot blasting, painting and drying. According to the production needs of users, it can be used alone. The H-type steel shot blasting machine performs shot blasting work, and can also perform continuous operation of preheating, hot pill cleaning, painting and drying in-line.


For now, the H-type steel shot blasting machine can be used to remove rust and paint on the surface of steel plates and shaped steels, that is, pretreatment. It is also possible to carry out shot blasting on the long structural parts, ie after treatment. At present, the equipment has become an ideal equipment for manufacturing industries such as ships, automobiles, locomotives and vehicles, machinery, bridges, offshore oil drilling platforms, port and dock facilities, containers, and boilers.


In the actual production process, the H-type steel shot blasting machine is programmable using PLC machine, using shift memory and photoelectric detection, automatic measurement of the thickness and width of the steel plate, and can automatically adjust the width of the projectile belt and lifting height of the cleaning device. As for the four-stage frequency conversion speed regulation of the full-line roller path, it includes subsection or full-line fine-tuning, which realizes high-precision synchronous transmission under variable load conditions, and ensures the quality of shot blasting and paint drying of pretreated steel.


Simply speaking, the H-type steel shot blasting machine can perform surface derusting on different steel structural profiles, optimize the welding, dust coating, and the state of the metal surface manufacturing process to improve the corrosion resistance of the product. At the same time, it can also improve and improve the product's intrinsic and appearance quality, and greatly reduce the labor intensity and environmental pollution of the clean-up work.


Coupled with the PLC programmable control system, it is possible to ensure that the H-beam shot blasting machine is in place. At the same time, it adopts the most advanced chemical dust removal system to reduce the failure rate and reduce maintenance costs.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/

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