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Do you know the technical requirements of the pass shot blasting machine?
May 30, 2018

The circular structure of the steel pipe helps to keep it from deformation for a long time, and at the same time it has a strong resistance to bending. Therefore, it can be applied to facilities such as steel structures and gas pipelines for transporting gas, liquid, and when supporting. Brackets. In order to increase the service life of the steel pipe, it is necessary to use a pass type shot blasting machine to perform a certain treatment to strengthen its performance.


In order to ensure the final treatment effect, the adopted shot blasting machine should meet certain technical requirements. First of all, the clean-up room of the steel shot blasting machine is made of steel plate assembly welding. The clean room needs to be sealed and the position of the blasting machine to reach the clean-up area is calculated. A reasonable design space, the wall must have sufficient strength to resist Projectile impact strength.


Secondly, in this type of pass-through shot blasting machine, if a shot blasting device is installed above and below the main body, the structure of the cleaning chamber body should be matched with a reasonable space structure to achieve the best cleaning effect. In addition, the entrance and exit of the room body should be provided with multi-layer barrier material to prevent the projectile from flying out of the room and generate a certain negative pressure value in the room. At the same time, there should be a high-chromium wear-resistant shield inside the main body to prevent the chamber body from bearing the wear of the projectile, and the projectile bounces on the surface to be able to perform secondary cleaning of the cleaned workpiece.


In order to prevent the impact of the projectile on the spiral blade to produce a certain degree of damage, a protective device shall be provided for the screw conveyor at the bottom of the pass-through shot blasting machine. In addition, the screw conveyor guarantees the timely delivery of the produced pellet mixture to the hoist to maintain the normal circulation of the pellets. Moreover, separation of separators should be efficient and thorough, otherwise it will lead to internal imbalance of the equipment.


For example, if there is too much sand in the interior of the shot blasting machine, then the cleaning effect will be unsatisfactory, and energy will be wasted. Based on these technical requirements, the design and manufacture of the pass-through shot blasting machine has resulted in the user's consistent high praise during the actual use.


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