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dust catcher selection of Internal Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine
Nov 23, 2017

Internal Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine  Upper unloading system

On the Internal Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine, the pneumatic feeding system is installed on the conveying trolley, so as to realize automatic feeding and unloading of both sides. In addition, during the operation of the equipment, the projectile can be effectively utilized and recycled, thus avoiding the waste problem and reducing the loss of the projectile.

Internal Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine Selection of dust collector

In the steel pipe inner wall shot blasting machine, its dust removal system mainly uses the dust collector, so its selection is very important, because it is related to the dust removal effect. And in the choice, there are some matters needing attention, it is for:

Item 1: clearly know the use of the shot blasting machine, as well as the amount of blast furnace blast it needs. In addition, the air volume should be stipulated in order to avoid exceeding this requirement, and then, the dust removal effect can not be guaranteed.

Item 2: from the shot blasting machine to the dust collector, the adjustment of its inlet to outlet resistance is also very important and critical. Moreover, in general, the resistance related factors, for the shot blasting machine structure and filter material of these two. Therefore, attention should be paid to the pressure loss of the dust collector. In addition, the temperature of this parameter, but also need to focus on attention, temperature regulation should be able to meet the requirements, not sloppy.

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