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Elaborate design of each component in pipe outer wall shot blasting machine
Jan 25, 2018

 Since there is a shot blasting machine specially designed for pipe inner wall shot blasting i, there must be a special pipe outer wall shot blasting machine, so that it can achieve shot blasting for the outer wall of diameter 16~ 2800mm steel pipe. Moreover, with the powerful cleaning function of the special pipe outer wall shot blasting machine, the attachments on the surface of the steel pipe can be removed, so that the surface of the steel tube can be rendered metallic and achieve the purpose of effective cleaning.

For the steel pipe regardless of diameter, the pipe outer wall shot blasting machine should be specially shot blast with different transportation modes. For the steel pipe with diameter of 16~ 600mm, the V roller can be transported to the angle of the central line of the steel pipe, so as to realize the rotation of the steel pipe edge. 

But in the face of steel pipe diameter 159~ and 2800mm diameter range, the pipe outer wall shot blasting machine wheel rotating special, roller spacing adjustable angle, the pipe diameter range, walking speed and rotation speed can be adjusted; and the low throw shot blasting machine layout, high cleaning efficiency, good effect.

The pipe outer wall shot blasting machine pill material circulation purification system uses the overflow type controllable curtain with multistage separator, and special polyurethane core hoist belts, the pill material sorting and recycling; and set up to adapt to different parts of the multilayer sealing curtain for the room, not only for a wide range, and good effect.

Such a pipe outer wall special shot blasting machine is not only suitable for pretreatment of steel pipes for water, natural gas, mines, oil fields, but also for improving the appearance and surface technology state of parts and products, so as to improve its quality.


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