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General concept of steel strip shot blasting machine
Dec 01, 2017

At present, we mainly use the steel strip shot blasting machine in the pickling production line, so that the oxide skin surface of the strip can be cleaned up. Because the steel belt shot blasting machine is stable in performance, it can obviously improve the pickling efficiency after being put into use, and at the same time, it can also save part of acid consumption and reduce environmental pollution.

Because of this, the steel strip shot blasting machine is becoming more and more popular in the current production field. So far, during the process of annealing and pickling production, it is usually done according to this procedure: first, annealing and cooling, then mechanical phosphorus removal and acid washing, and finally leveling. The combined use of mechanical dephosphorization and chemical phosphorus removal can achieve more ideal descaling effect.

In actual production, we can apply the steel belt shot blasting machine to continuous production insurance, so that we can achieve high performance mechanical phosphorus removal for stainless steel strip. Considering the production point of view, such a high quality homogeneous phosphorus removal method can not only reduce the consumption of acid, but also ensure the uniformity of the surface quality of the treated strip


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