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Hanger / Hook Type Shot Blasting / Shot Blast / Shotblaster Machine
Jun 22, 2017

Hook type Shot Blasting Machines

Basic Info

  • Style: Hanging Style

  • Usage: Metallurgical Industry

  • Clean Type: Shot Blasting

  • Fuel: Electric

  • Physical Machine Type: Mechanical Cleaning Method

  • Machine Type: Abrator

  • Trademark: Think-m

  • Origin:Jiangsu, China

Product Description

Product General Description Of Hanger / Hook Type Shot Blasting / Shot Blast / Shotblaster Machine:
1. Typical applications
Removal of mill and forge scale as well as rust
Removal of burrs and scales
Removal of moulding sand
Increase of surface roughness
Shot peening to increase fatigue strength
2. Advantages at a glance
Self contained, fully equipped shot blast abrator
Tested and proven double disc blast wheels
Can be loaded with new batch of workpieces while machine is in use
Automatic PLC control
Quick turnaround, easy assembly and commissioning
3. Characteristics
Assemble, connect and blast. Immediately ready for use and complete with blast wheels, you can be in production from day one.

Production Introduction
Hanger / Hook Type Shot Blasting / Shot Blast / Shotblaster Machine are among the most flexible types of blast equipment. They are also used to continuously blast a wide variety of work pieces.
  Wuxi Think Machinery has already built many of these machines in a variety of sizes and types. For foundry applications, the machines can be equipped with additional solenoid air separators which reliably
separate sand and abrasive.
The work pieces to be treated are hung individually or in a bunch on the hook of a sliding trolley, on a overhead rail conveyor.
During the working cycle, the hook rotates inside the machine in several positions so that all the surfaces are equally exposed to the abrasive media flow lauched by the wheel.
A second hook allows the loading/unloading during the shot blasting cycle.
The machine is available with following handling systems: Manual, chain or hoist.
The hanger type shot blasting machine is used for cleaning casting, steel structures  and so on.

Hanger / Hook Type Shot Blasting / Shot Blast / Shotblaster Machine Features:
Simultaneous spin and oscillation of work hooks in the blast stream provide infinite angles of attack for complete part coverage
Cartridge type dust collectors
Manganese or hi-chromium wear resistant cabinet liners available
Wheel options: Direct drive or Belt driven, the blasting speed:78m/s
Commercially available parts and components throughout
Automatic abrasive adder with level monitor
The Kinds of Hanger / Hook Type Shot Blasting / Shot Blast / Shotblaster Machine:
      Turnstile  Hangers
      Monorail  Hanger Cabinets
      Continuous Monorail  Hangers
      Standard Hangers

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