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High quality shot blasting machine impeller head
Mar 22, 2018


High quality shot blasting machine impeller head

Using the technology of Throwing Shot (throwing head) of SCHLICK company in Germany. Shot Peen

It is directly connected with the motor to reduce the power loss of the motor, and the amount of shot shot is compared with the belt drive

The configuration (other domestic manufacturers) increased by 30%.

The shell of the motor is extruded by aluminum box and has good heat dissipation. The shaft diameter of the motor is thick.

The Swedish SKF company has low noise, large bearing bearing and large output power.

In order to ensure the static balance and dynamic balance of the impeller, it is strictly carried out according to the production process.

Gas forging forming, then quenching and tempering to rough processing, to machining center finishing, to static balance test, to quenching (hardness detection), to assembly to to dynamic balance.


The blade, pellet wheel and directional sleeve of the shot blasting machine are exclusively used in forging, machining, heat treatment strengthening and so on.

Art, special structure, good sealing quality between each blade gap less than 2 grams, leaves (1500-3000 small long service life

When the vibration is small, the noise is reduced by 3--4dB (A) than the ordinary throwing head of the belt drive.

Strict processing technology is the guarantee of high quality and high quality.

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