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Hook shot peening machine features
Jan 06, 2018

Hook shot peening machine is very suitable for use in construction, chemical, machine tools, casting and electrical industries such as small and medium-sized castings, forgings surface cleaning or strengthening treatment. Particularly suitable for multi-species, small quantities of castings, forgings, aluminum castings and steel structures for surface cleaning and shot blasting to remove the workpiece surface a small amount of sticky sand, sand core and scale, is also suitable for heat treatment parts Surface cleaning and strengthening, especially suitable for the collision should not slender, thin-walled parts of the clean-up.

Hook shot peening machine features

Hook shot blasting machine large amount of blast cleaning efficiency, room effective space, compact structure, the use of non-pit form, the shape of the workpiece to clean the structure no special requirements, can be a multi-purpose machine, such a wide range of equipment Used in machinery manufacturing and foundry industry.

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Hook shot blasting machine applications

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