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Hook type shot blasting machine for customer test machine
Sep 07, 2018

The company's hook-type shot blasting machine handles the workpiece for customer's shot blasting. The customer supplies auto parts to a foreign automobile manufacturer. The surface requires shot blasting and can't produce deformation. According to the customer's workpiece specifications, it is recommended to use the hook type throwing. The pill machine is cleaned up.

The workpiece after being mounted by simple tooling has rust and welding slag on the surface.

According to the customer's request, the shot blasting time is set to 4 minutes, and the effect after shot blasting:

The surface slag corrosion is completely removed, the workpiece is in the original metal color, the customer carries the calibration device, and the workpiece after the shot blasting is verified on site to meet the subsequent processing requirements.

The hook type shot blasting machine can effectively clean different workpieces by setting the shot blasting time in the control cabinet, and set the shot blasting time for 6 minutes according to the customer's requirements, and the shot blasting effect is more excellent.

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