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How does Belt Shot Blasting Machines work?
Mar 16, 2018

Not all workpieces can be processed with a Belt Shot Blasting Machine. Only some small and medium-sized workpieces can be shot blasted with a track-type shot blasting machine. Crawler shot blasting machines have a wide range of applications and can be used for surface cleaning of castings, forgings, aluminum and stainless steel parts.

When the Crawler type shot blasting machine is working, it mainly works by loading the workpieces with crawlers. When the track blasting machine is working, it usually installs an rubber track or a manganese steel track. When the crawler shot blaster is working, the projectile is thrown on the workpiece by a special shot blaster. The surface of the workpiece is cleaned of rust, scale, and burrs by such impact. The workpiece processed by the track-type shot blasting machine can have a smoother surface and improve the quality of the surface. When the crawler shot blaster is working, the workpiece is placed inside the crawler drum.

After pressing the run button, the Tumble Blast Shot Blasting Machine is closed directly. When the door of the track-type shot blasting machine closes, the shot blasting is started and the crawler will run forward to turn the workpiece. In the process of flipping, an internally mounted, powerful and powerful blasting machine throws the projectile above the surface of the workpiece, allowing the workpiece to be cleaned thoroughly and evenly. When the shot blasting machine finishes blasting, it will automatically open the blasting chamber door and discharge the workpiece.


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