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How the table shot blasting machine works
Dec 12, 2018

The table shot blasting machine puts the workpiece on the turntable and starts the sequence work after closing the gate. After shot blasting, the scale, dirt and other deposits on the surface of the workpiece are cleaned, and the treated surface can reach Sa2-2.5. The working mode of the table shot blasting machine is continuous circulation. After the shot blasting time reaches the requirement, the blasting machine automatically stops working.


The pellets thrown by the table shot blasting machine are collected and processed by the circulation processing system and continue to be used for the blasting machine. The working mode of the circulation system is that the scattered projectiles are transported to the bucket elevator through the lower screw conveyor, and the bucket elevator lifts the pellets and debris to the upper part of the cleaning chamber, and is transported from the upper slope to the high-efficiency separator through the BE separator. After the treatment, dust and debris are separated from the good pellets, and the good pellets are stored in the storage hopper for use by the blasting machine.


In order to deal with a large amount of dust generated during shot blasting, the table shot blasting machine is also equipped with a high-efficiency new type of bag filter. The dust remover has high dust removal efficiency and convenient installation and maintenance. The air purified by it is much lower than the national smoke emission. Standards to ensure safe and effective work

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