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How to choose shot blasting machine
Jul 08, 2017

With the changing times, shot blasting machine has become one of the indispensable machines in many machinery industry, but there are various types shot blasting machine in the market ,We Wuxi think-machine teach you how to choose the shot blasting machine.


Table Type Shot Blasting Machine

1、See whether the impeller head of shot blasting machine is in good condition.
2、Check whether the welding of the cylinder is fine enough.
3、Check whether the material of the guard plate is durable.
4、Mainly to see the cleaning effect, accessories into the shot blasting room after treatment, good shot blasting machine with the good effect, it matters to the angle of impeller head and the speed of the shot blasting speed etc.
5、Look at the duration of the use, the more longer time is certainly better.
6、The durability of shot blasting room guard plate depends on the material.
7、Also check the sound of the vibration and dust removal effects when the shot blasting machine is working.
8. Check the integrity of each part and see if there is a missing part.


hook type shot blasting machine

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