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How to distinguish quality of shot blasting machine?
Apr 27, 2018

(1). How to distinguish shot blasting machine quality?

1, the appearance of fine, paint spray is delicate.

2. Whether the guards, blades, impellers, orientating sleeves, and sub-pellets used are carefully processed.

3, shot blasting effect, efficiency can achieve the desired effect.

4. Whether the service life of the damaged parts can meet the industry requirements.


(2). Shot blasting machine operation instructions


The operator must pay attention to whether the display of the electric cabinet meter is normal during operation of the equipment.

1. All personnel entering the blast room must wear goggles and safety helmets.

2. The operator must check the equipment every day. These include: lubrication and mechanical parts.

Lubrication parts such as: reducer, hydraulic pressure, oil mister and bearing chain.

Mechanical parts such as: wear of rotating parts, wearing parts wear. Register for wear on a daily basis and replace consumables promptly.

Example: If the blasting device has vibration, it must be stopped immediately to replace the blade.

3, lubrication part should ensure timely refueling.

4. The orientation sleeve must be adjusted and replaced in time.

5. Check whether the amount of steel shots is enough every day.



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