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How to maintain the belt type shot blasting machine
Jul 04, 2018

 1. How to avoid the belt type shot blasting machine belt deviation?

If you want to avoid the belt deviation, you should do the following work: there should be no stickies or debris on the roller and belt parts; the rack is not deformed or tilted. The tensioning force of the tensioning wheel should be appropriate. In addition, the belt expansion device should be able to work and use normally.


2. Instructions for use of belt type shot blasting machine

(1) It is necessary to regularly clean the dust box under the dust collector, mainly to remove the dust to prevent it from accumulating and blocking the dust exhaust pipe, thus affecting the dust removal effect of the shot blasting machine.

(2) The debris under the screen in the bottom of the cleaning room and the separator funnel should be cleaned frequently; the projectiles around the shot blasting machine should also be cleaned and cleaned frequently to prevent injury.

(3) Check the belt frequently for problems such as deviation. Also, look at how the belt is worn and whether it needs to be replaced.

(4) If the blast machine is not completely stopped, the loading door cannot be opened to prevent danger or accident.


3. Maintenance of belt type shot blasting machine

(1) After each use of the belt type shot blasting machine, the equipment should be cleaned and cleaned, and daily maintenance work should be done to ensure and extend the service life of the equipment for the next use.

(2) The lubrication of the equipment should be done well, and the lubrication parts should be lubricated regularly or regularly. In addition, check whether the rotation of the machine is flexible.

(3) If the shot blasting machine is to be repaired or repaired, it should be carried out under the condition that the equipment is powered off. For the consumable parts of the belt type shot blasting machine, the degree of wear should be checked frequently and whether new parts need to be replaced.



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