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Industrial shot blasting machine selection skills
Aug 17, 2018

When selecting an industrial shot blasting machine, first check whether the blasting machine is in good condition; at the same time, check whether the welding of the shot blasting machine barrel is fine enough. In general, industrial shot blasting machines should check whether the material of the guard plate is durable. But the most important thing is to look at the cleaning effect. After the accessories enter the shot blasting chamber, the good effect is good shot blasting machine, which is related to the angle of the head and the speed of shot blasting.

Secondly, the use time of industrial shot blasting machine is also the basis for product selection. The more time it uses, the better. In addition, it depends on whether the blasting room guard is durable and what material to look at. The vibration sound and dust removal effect at the time of starting up should also be viewed.

As one of the industrial shot blasting machines, the steel pipe shot blasting machine is suitable for continuous blasting of the outer surface of a batch of steel pipes before welding or painting, thoroughly derusting, descaling and other fouling, is a pipe Experts in cleaning up. After shot blasting, it can obtain a smooth surface with a certain roughness, increase the adhesion of the spray, and improve the surface quality and anti-corrosion effect.

This industrial shot blasting machine uses a filter cartridge dust collector. The one-piece centrifugal throwing head can eject the abrasive in a controlled manner and direction, and the pellets are circulated. Its superior cleaning performance has made the past labor-intensive methods of sand blasting and wire brushing obsolete. At the same time, industrial shot blasting machines will minimize production costs and greatly increase output.


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