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Influencing factors of shot blasting strength
Nov 17, 2017

Shot blasting speed: the shot blasting speed of steel structure shot blasting machine is directly related to the shot blasting strength, because the shot blasting speed increases, then the shot blasting strength increases. However, it should be noted that the shot blasting speed can not be too high, because it will produce shot blasting damage, and then affect the shot blasting effect.


Shot blasting particle size: the greater the shot blasting particle size, the greater the kinetic energy of the impact workpiece, and then will increase the shot blasting strength, but the shot blasting coverage will be reduced. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the shot blasting strength, the shot blasting particle size should be as small as possible. Generally speaking, it is suitable between 6 and 50 items.

 steel plate and H beam shot blasting machine.jpg

The amount of shot blasting: the shot blasting process should be strictly controlled, because if the kinetic energy of shot fragments is lower, the more shot blasting, then the shot blasting strength will be reduced. Moreover, the irregular broken pill will scratch the surface of the workpiece, resulting in adverse effects and consequences. Therefore, in shot blasting integrity rate should be controlled at more than 85%, so as to ensure the quality and effect of shot blasting of steel structure shot blasting machine.

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