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Installation skills and instructions of a shot blasting machine
May 04, 2018

(1) installation skill of shot blasting machine

All the shot blasting machines must abide by the following rules in the installation process:

1, host position: when the host is in position, its level and weight must meet the requirements of the drawings.

2. The installation of parts should be carried out from the bottom to the highest.

3, track type or catenary type, roller type should be caused by peripherals.

4. Part of the preliminary test should be done first, and then run normally after normal commissioning.


(2) instructions for the operation of a shot cleaning machine


The operator must pay attention to the normal display of the electrical cabinet during the operation of the equipment.

1, all personnel entering the shot blasting room must wear eye glasses and helmets.

2, the operator must check the equipment every day. These include lubrication and mechanical parts.

Lubrication parts such as reducer, hydraulic pressure, mist sprayer and bearing chain.

Mechanical parts such as wear of rotating parts and wear of worn parts. The wear situation is registered every day, and the wearing parts are replaced in time.

Example: if the shot blasting machine has vibration, it must stop immediately and replace the blades.

3, the lubrication part should ensure timely refueling.

4, the directional sleeve must be adjusted and replaced in time.

5. Check the quantity of steel balls every day.


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