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Main features and order of use of Roller drum Shot Blasting Machine
Oct 11, 2018

 Inside the Roller drum Shot Blasting Machine, the inside of the drum is made of alloy material and wear-resistant imported raw materials, which has outstanding wear resistance and long service life. The equipment adopts a new anti-collision design to reduce the collision between the workpiece and the workpiece. During the running process, there is no dead angle, and the time of shot blasting is faster than that of the old roller equipment.


  The blasting machine of the Roller drum Shot Blasting Machine adopts imported parts, the quality of the shot blasting is more solid, the speed will be more ideal, and the main features are low angle and low noise. The compact body is not lazy, and the structure of the parts is not separated. Too complicated disassembly, effectively reducing the failure rate of equipment components, the drum equipment is also equipped with an automatic detection system, which can sense the state of mutual operation, and can automatically stop once there is a fault, which effectively ensures the safe and long-lasting operation of the equipment.  


 The dust collector used in the Roller drum Shot Blasting Machine is formed by dust collecting, and the dust removing effect is obviously small to the environment. In the process of use, it should be carried out in a certain order, and pay attention to the following items to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The basic starting sequence is dust collector--head--lifter--roller; and the parking sequence is reversed. That is, the drum - the hoist - the head - the dust collector.https://www.wxblastmachine.com/

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