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Main performance characteristics and unique configuration of belt shot blasting machine
Nov 06, 2018

The belt shot blasting machine is economical and easy to operate. The configured travel motor has inverter control and adjustable speed. During the operation, the pellets are recycled and the work efficiency is high. And through the combination of steel pellet size, steel pellet flow rate and travel speed, different ground treatment effects can be obtained.


The main performance characteristics of the belt shot blasting machine: In the structural composition of the machine, the key components are specially made of high-quality wear-resistant materials to ensure the service life of the blasting chamber. Moreover, the wearing parts such as the throwing head and the directional sleeve are precision casted with wear-resistant materials, which makes the equipment run stably for a long time.


In the structural composition of the belt shot blasting machine, a unique abrasive and dust separating device is also provided, so that the separation level of the abrasive and the dust can be adjusted. When abrasives of different diameters or densities are used, the size and density of the dust particles produced are also different. By adjusting the separator, the abrasive and dust can be accurately separated, the abrasive is not taken away as dust, and the dust is not left as an abrasive.



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