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Main points of maintenance for hanger shot blasting machine
Jul 04, 2017

Hanger shot blasting machine is a  strong abrasion equipment which blasting the surface of the workpiece with high speed steel grits, once the high speed steel shots flies out,it may wound worker or damager nearby building glass. Therefore, to ensure safety in production, we must regularly check and maintenance, the following  to tell you about the main points of maintenance of the shot blasting machine. We hope to help.


table Shot Blasting Machine

1、Examination room body anchor nut regularly, if loose, should be promptly tightened.
2、Regularly check whether or not the hoist belt is loose or out of shape, and found that the abnormal should be adjusted and tightened in time.
3、Regularly check the impeller blade, impeller, wear the directional sleeve, should be replaced when the thickness of the blade wear uniform 2/3 impeller wear average window width 1/2, directional window set wear width increases 15mm.
4、Check the screw conveyor periodically and replace it when the blade diameter wears over 20mm
5、Regularly check and clean up the sundries on the sieve of the sand separator, and replace them promptly when the screen is found to be worn.
6、Lubricate or change lubricant regularly according to lubrication system
7、Regular inspection of the cleaning board wear, and if found wear-resistant manganese plate rubber plate worn or broken, should be replaced in a timely manner.
8、Clean the steel grits which fall scattered around the equipment ,  to avoid the operator slipped and injured.

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