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Maintenance of industrial shot blasting machine
Jul 14, 2018

The industrial shot blasting machine is strictly in accordance with its implementation of fixed-post training, and is familiar with its mechanical properties and characteristics, and is familiar with the operating procedures, use, maintenance and maintenance of the shot blasting machine instruction manual. The operator must check whether the various switches in the control cabinet are in the required setting position before they can be turned on to avoid malfunction and damage electrical and mechanical equipment, resulting in equipment accidents.


In the industrial shot blasting machine, the operator is not allowed to operate at will or contact the electrical switch control area, and should not be close to the working area of the machine to avoid accidents. Operators must wear protective overalls, glasses, etc. When the operator starts up, pay special attention to the various types of instrument indicators on the panel. When all the indicators of the instruments reach the normal value, the small crane (roller) can be operated to enter the working procedure.


When the industrial shot blasting machine is in operation, its operators need to inspect the equipment to check for abnormal noise and overheating of various parts. When the equipment is found to have serious faults during operation, press the “Emergency Stop” button to stop and repair, and cooperate with the professional to eliminate the equipment failure. The operator must perform daily maintenance and weekly maintenance (including lubrication) on the equipment in accordance with “equipment management”. Clean the dust and debris in the dust collector every week so as not to affect the dust removal quality and ensure the integrity of the equipment.

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