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Maintenance requirements for Tumbling steel belt shot blasting machine
Oct 12, 2018

In the process of operation, the Tumbling steel belt shot blasting machine mainly uses the high-speed rotating impeller to throw the steel shot out of the surface of the high-speed impacting part, so that the surface treatment can be achieved, and the correct operation of the Tumbling steel belt shot blasting machine Maintenance can extend the life of the shot blasting machine. Maintenance requirements for Tumbling steel belt shot blasting machine 1. Operators of Tumbling steel belt shot blasting machines must wear protective overalls, glasses, etc. 2. When the impeller of the Tumbling steel belt shot blasting machine does not completely stop rotating, in this case, the end cover is not allowed to open, and the opening end cover correspondingly turns off all the electric door buttons. 3. All kinds of castings should be sanded before cleaning. Otherwise, excessive sand in the drum will affect the separation effect and accelerate the wear of the parts. 4. Disassemble the machine once a year, disassemble all parts and clean them, and check if they are damaged. After the strip is blasted in the throwing chamber, a large number of steel shots are placed on the strip surface. In order to remove the steel shots that remain on the strip surface, a set of steel brushes are installed in the middle of the throwing chamber and the purging chamber for brushing, and then 2. A second purge is performed with a high pressure gas in the purge chamber.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/

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