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Operation characteristics and special mechanism of steel shot blasting machine
Jan 13, 2018

Steel shot blasting machine is used in the cleaning effect is a good, low noise, compact cleaning equipment, mainly used in the production of surface rust or shot blasting for mass production, steel shot blasting Machine has the following characteristics:
1. Steel track shot blasting machine effective use of cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine, with long service life, simple structure and so on.
2. Pulley adopts the international advanced quick-change structure, which helps to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity. The use of BE-type separator, with good separation and high productivity, to improve the life of the leaves have a positive effect.
3. Steel shot blasting machine effective use of its bag filter, the dust emission concentration will be lower than the national standard, so that will to some extent improve the working environment for workers.
4. This model adds manual sub-pill, gate and other special agencies, crawler shot blasting machine can stand-alone use, but also wiring.
Steel crawler shot blasting machine in the production process is mainly composed of hoist, separator, electrical system and cleaning room and other components, in the process of cleaning will be added to the provisions of the provisions of the number of workpieces, so that after the start of the machine , So the shot blasting thrown by the projectile form a stream of beads, evenly striking the surface of the workpiece, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning up and strengthening.
Projectile and sand thrown into the hoist, hoist lift to the separator for separation. Dust from the fan suction filter to the precipitator, clean air into the atmosphere, the dust bag on the bottom of the mechanical dust fell into the dust box, the user can regularly remove waste sand outflow from the waste pipe, the user Can be used. Pill sand mixture back into the chamber by the recovery tube, to be separated after the separator reuse, clean shot from the electromagnetic pill gate into the shot blasting device to throw the workpiece


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