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Operation safety and design of Suspended Chain Shot Blast Machine
Oct 22, 2018

The working principle of the Suspended Chain Shot Blast Machine is that the workpiece can be continuously operated, stepped, or advanced with the push-type catenary to transport the workpiece, so that the workpiece can be loaded and unloaded and the shot blasting area They are in a stopped state, and realize fixed-point loading and unloading and fixed-point shot blasting. According to different workpieces, they can hoist 50-2000kg at a single point, and have high productivity and reliable operation. It is very suitable for large-scale cleaning of various types of easy-hanging parts.


 Suspended Chain Shot Blast Machine is effective for cleaning the gear, motorcycle engine casing, engine cylinder head, motor housing, locomotive hook frame assembly, bogie assembly, hardware tool housing, water pump, etc. . It is an ideal choice for industries such as automobiles, tractors, diesel engines, motors, valves, etc. Generally, it can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of users' products.


 The workpiece carrier of the Suspended Chain Shot Blast Machine adopts the gantry structure, so that the workpiece can be effectively and freely transported without any obstacles under the catenary suspension, and the cleaning requirements and operation safety of the workpiece can be satisfied to the utmost. The separator uses a full curtain separator for good separation. The separation efficiency of pellets, slag and dust reaches 99%.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/

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