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Pass Pass Through Shot Blasting Machine use and characteristics
Jul 06, 2018

1. The specific application and characteristics of the Pass Through Shot Blasting Machine

Through the type shot blasting machine, it can continuously and continuously run, and remove various scales, cleaning and pretreatment work for various steel and steel parts to achieve the purpose of shot blasting. On the steel and steel parts that can be used, there are steel plates, steel beams, steel pipes, steel sections and steel castings.


Pass-Pass Through Shot Blasting Machine features:

(1) The equipment is simple in structure and meets the production requirements of the assembly line. Therefore, the equipment can be used on an automated production line to reduce operating and production costs.

(2) can improve the production continuity process


2. Components of the Pass Through Shot Blasting Machine


Cleaning room: It is made of chamber-shaped box-shaped welding, and its inner wall has ZGMn13 wear-resistant protective plate for cleaning operation.

Conveying roller: There are two conveying rollers and an conveying roller for loading and unloading. On the indoor conveying roller, there is also a wear-resistant sheath and a limit ring. The wear-resistant sheath plays a protective role, and the limit ring can avoid the problem of deviation.

Hoist: There are upper and lower transmissions, cylinders, belts and hoppers. The upper and lower pulleys adopt a polygonal structure to avoid slipping and enhance friction, and thus extend the service life of the belt.

Shot blasting machine: It adopts single disc blasting machine, in which the impeller material is Cr40, and the blade, directional sleeve, splitting wheel and guard plate are cast from high chrome material.

Purge device: Generally, it is carried out by using a high-pressure fan to purify the residual projectile on the surface of the workpiece.

Dust removal system: It is a bag-type dust collector, a fan and a dust removal pipe. The dust removal effect can reach 99.5%.

Electrical control: The whole machine control is realized by conventional control, and there are short circuit, phase loss and overload protection, etc., and an emergency stop switch is also provided to facilitate emergency shutdown in case of emergency.


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