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Performance characteristics and design principles of the Inner Wall Shot Blasting Machine
Jan 14, 2019

The application of the inner wall shot blasting machine is more and more extensive. The machine can clean the workpiece in a large size range, and has the advantages of automatic recovery of steel grit and frequency conversion speed regulation. In the structural design, the product size requirements, cleaning quality and productivity are the main design basis of the inner wall shot blasting machine.


Therefore, for the user, at the time of selection, the type, specification, quantity of the shot blasting machine in the inner wall shot blasting machine, the size of the cleaning chamber body, the lifting amount of the hoist, the specification model of the screw conveyor, and the dust collector Selection and so on are all important factors that should be considered. At the same time, the equipment should follow some basic principles when designing the structure:


Principle 1: The inner wall shot blasting machine meets the requirements of practical application, the operation is reliable and stable, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.

Principle 2: The selected components, materials and electrical components are of reliable quality and leading technology. The key components and materials are selected from high-quality brand-name products to ensure the overall performance and quality of the equipment.

Principle 3: Complete safety facilities.

Principle 4: Under the premise of satisfying the process, save energy, improve work efficiency, and reduce the labor intensity of operators.

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