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Performance characteristics of a crawler metal shot blasting machine
Apr 20, 2018

The crawler metal shot blasting machine has good adaptability and can clean all kinds of metal parts. In fact, as long as the surface of the metal casting is sanding cleaning, the surface of the black metal parts is derusted, the surface and the edge of the stamping parts are obtuse, the surface treatment of the forging and the burr heat treatment work can be achieved by the shot shot strengthening process of the crawler metal shot blasting machine.

Besides, the shot blasting technology of crawler metal shot blasting machine can also effectively remove the oxide scale on the surface of the spring and the grain refinement on the surface. Compared to other similar equipment, this type of crawler shot blasting machine has a very wide range of applications in practical applications, such as the foundry, heat treatment plant, motor plant, machine tool accessories factory, bicycle parts factory, power plant, auto parts factory, motorcycle accessories factory, and nonferrous metal. It belongs to the die casting plant.

What are the performance characteristics of such a device in practical applications? In fact, after the shot treatment of a crawler metal shot blasting machine, these work pieces can obtain a very ideal material color, and can also become the front process of the process of blackening, bluing and passivating the surface of the metal parts, and providing a good base for the plating and paint finishing.

Not only that, with the help of the shot blasting technology of a caterpillar metal shot blasting machine, the tensile stress can be reduced and the grain size of the surface can be refined, so that the surface of the workpiece is strengthened, and the effect of prolonging the service life is achieved.

As for the effect of crawler metal shot blasting machine, we can make a comparative analysis based on the production site. In fact, the tracked metal shot blasting machine is mainly used to remove the sand, rust layer and burr on the surface of the casting, forgings, stamping parts and other parts that are easy to roll down and fall. The device has good protective measures and strong shot blasting ability, and it can also clean up the workpieces that are difficult to clean up with satisfactory results.


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